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Good morning everyone!  I have decided to make it a goal this summer to write on and update the church website more often beginning with today’s post.  God has been doing some great things here at Gladstone and I want to highlight some of those things and give God some praise for them.
On January 1st of 2012 I assumed the role of Pastor of our church.  At the time we didn’t have any type of nursery for the babies and we didn’t have either a children’s group or a youth group for the Jr. and Sr. High Schooler’s.  Some time in the early part of 2012 we had a mother that was pregnant and I knew that once she had the baby she was going to need a nursery for her to care for the baby during service.  So we cleared out the back part of the foyer and put up a wall and it officially became the nursery.
In the month of July, that nursery that we built back in 2012 because we needed a place for one mom, will now be used by 6 families with young children that have been born in the last year and a half.  Our children’s classroom that was not being used when we arrived in 2012, is now being used by 8-10 Elementary age children every Sunday.   The youth room that was a storage up until a few years ago, is now used by our youth group of 5-7 students both on Sunday mornings and Tuesday nights.
Those numbers on their own might not seem like that large of an amount.  But to me they are.  God is truly doing some amazing things at out church and I am extremely thankful that he allows me to be a part of it.
Pastor Mark Quiroz


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