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For 50 years our church has stood on the South side of Gladstone Street.  For the first 20 years our name was “The First Evangelical Methodist Church of Glendora.”  In the late 80’s when Wes Sperl became the Pastor he renamed the church “The New First Evangelical Methodist Church of Glendora.”  From what I was told by his wife he was charged by the denomination to basically start over and that is why he used the word new.  My family and I arrived here in January of 2012 and we faced the very different and difficult challenge of rebuilding and reestablishing the church.

Over the last 2 ½ years we have changed and accomplished more than anyone could have ever imagined.  Every room in the church has been updated in some way.  We are currently working on finishing up painting the outside of the church.  But more than fixing up the church grounds we have taken some very large strides spiritually speaking.  We simplified our purpose and made it a goal to Love God and Love People.  There are two big areas that we have been working in order to accomplish that purpose and those are discipleship and reaching out to our community.  We now have 2 discipleships groups up and running and we are hoping to add a 3rd in 2015.  We also now have 2 big outreaches that take place around Easter and Christmas.

In the midst of all of these changes the one thing that we have not changed is our name.  What I thought was what good would it be to change a name if everything else remained the same?  But officially the time has now come for us to truly establish our church as a community family oriented church. Beginning August 1st we will be changing our name to Gladstone Church.  It is a very exciting change for us and one that we are hoping will help us become more attractive to our neighbors and friends that we will be reaching out to in the coming weeks and months.


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