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Defining Success in some industries is easy to do.  If you are trying to sell something, then you can just use statistics to figure out how many of those items were sold.  If we were trying to produce something, then we can just tally up how many items have been produced.  But as a Church, it isn’t as cut and dry to determine whether or not a church is being successful. Do you simply go off of how many people were in attendance?  That could be one indicator of success but there are quite a few variables that factor into attendance.  Our Easter attendance number is usually 10 or so people higher than the week before or after, so we can’t exactly call that church growth.

A lot of our focus over the first part of this year has been on discipleship.  We are attempting to build a solid foundation of a core group of believers who will in turn take charge in leading some of our ministries.  As we have embarked on this challenging road, we have added some and at the same time we have lost a few as well in terms of attendance.  But my belief is that our foundation has gotten stronger.  This was very much on display this past weekend.

Last Saturday we had our big Pancake Breakfast outreach and it was by far the best and smoothest we have worked as a team.  I showed up at 7:00AM to start the set up and two of the trucks were already packed and ready to go.  As we were filling up a 3rd truck, the group that was there before 7 went to the park and starting setting up on the basketball court.  By the time it was time to cook the pancakes we had different people working to prep the batter and get ready to serve while others were cooking.  Overall it was a huge success.

The next day we had a couple show up to our Easter breakfast who we had invited the day before at the outreach.  They stayed for service and after it was over they made it a point to come over and let me know how nice and friendly our people are and how they really felt like they connected, even though they really had never been to church before.  On their way out they said they would see me next week.  I think if that were the only fruit that we ever see from serving all of those pancakes than it would be more than worth it!  I am officially calling that a successful outreach.

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