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A few years ago I brought my laptop home to work on a few things and I left it sitting on the table. The next day my wife tried to get it to work and it wouldn’t turn on. She made sure that the power cord was plugged into the computer and the wall outlet. She pressed the button and nothing happened. When I came in to look at it I knew exactly what the problem was because the same thing had happened to me at work. The power chord box that the wire plugged into was loose and would fall out. Everything worked great it just had to be plugged in the right way.

Have you ever felt that way at church? You want to fit in and you want to serve and help out, but you just don’t know how. Last Sunday we had a class at church to help people get plugged in. Here at Glendora EMC we want to help get involved and help you become a participant in what God is doing here. If you missed the class and you want to get plugged in but are not sure how, shoot me an email via our contact page. I get every message sent there and respond within 12 hours! You can also give me a call at (626) 963-2120.

Pastor Mark


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