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The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived!!! Thanksgiving is over and it’s time to begin prepping for Christmas. The Turkeys have been eaten, the pies have been scarfed down and all of the left overs are sitting in the fridge (and probably will be for weeks). For some the day after Thanksgiving is a meaningful day because it means that stores are having massive sales and it’s the time to rush in and fight to the death over who is going to take home the new Lap Top or TV that is half-off. For others the day after Thanksgiving means that it is officially now time to start listening to Christmas music (even though some stations have been playing it for weeks). There are some people that have broken out the Christmas decorations and dusted off the Christmas lights. Others just had to go to work so it is nothing more than a normal Friday.

I love the day after Thanksgiving because it means everything begins to transition from the Orange and Brown colors of fall to the White, Red, and Green colors of winter and Christmas. But the transition is more than just the colors changing, it is the time that the world begins to be more open to talking about Jesus. He is more than a cliché, he is more than the “reason for the season”, he is even more then the porcelain baby lying in a manger. He is the Christ, the son of the living God, the true savior of the world who was sent down from Heaven to eventually die on a Cross for sins that he never committed. But he did it for you and for me and he offers us eternal life.

That is a reason to celebrate and the true reason why the “holiday season” can truly be a happy one!

Pastor Mark

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